Going for Green

When I grew older I realized that I could no longer live within the confinement of my hometown and that I had to move on to pursue bigger and better things. I decided to head for the big city in search of a new job. It was one of the longest drives of my life, just a big stretch of road seeming to head nowhere. But, eventually that nowhere became New York City. It was a hard life in the Big Apple, until the job of a lifetime opened up. It was a head position at one of the large companies in the city and I was fully qualified.

I was up all night during the week practicing and rehearsing what I was going to say during the interview for the position. It was a frustrating process, but eventually I got everything down. When interview time came I was so nervous, like any normal person would be. I tried to talk but I started to get choked up on my words though I managed to get my point across to the interviewer. On the ride home I wondered how good I had done and whether I would get a phone call regarding the position. A few weeks went by and I figured I would never get a phone call, but all of a sudden I heard my phone ring. It was from a number I hadn’t recognized but still I answered it anyways.

When I answered the phone I instantly knew who I was speaking to, it was the man who had previously interviewed me. He asked me if I wanted the position, and I happily accepted it without a care in the world. He told me that I was to start Monday. The first day on the job was great, everyone was excited to see a new face within the offices. Eventually after a few months it got so repetitive. In charge of the same people and meeting after meeting. It was almost too much to bear but the money was too good to resist. So instead of complaining I just suffered through it and tried to get as much work done possible. On days I had off I mostly spoiled myself by buying new and different things I had never been able to get as a kid.

It felt great to be able to walk into any store I wanted and buy whatever I wanted. But, eventually everything has an end. It became unexciting to get anything new that I wanted. I felt so alone in the world even though I had everything. But nothing could help me get through this developed depression and emotional stress. It became such an issue that I ended up not showing up to work for a whole week. When the head boss called me into his office to ask why I had done so I couldn’t speak. I felt as if my tongue was completely gone, I just listened and shrugged.

He told to me that he needed someone more reliable and that I should go clean out my office. What did I expect? When I missed a week of work without saying a word to anyone. But the money got to my head and eventually the world felt so dull. The company had called a taxi for me so that I could get a ride back to my apartment. On the ride home I decided to take a nap but something strange happened. When I woke up we were on the highway. When I asked where we were headed the driver said nothing. We just kept driving through the night until I started to notice signs of my hometown. And sooner or later we were parked outside of my childhood home. The driver them stopped and turned around and said to me “This is your home”. I right then realized that money had gotten the best of me and that home is where I needed to be.


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